Finally! Butt naked in a beautiful forest with other people

Work has been keeping me occupied here in Holland. But the desire to practice naturism has been eating me hollow. I finally decided that enough was enough and that I was going to go to Flevonatuur the next morning, come what may! Getting from Amsterdam to Flevonatuur appears to be a big problem. I had to get from tram to bus to another bus to 3 trains and a cab. On the way back, I found a much easier way. I’ll tell you about it later.

“Are you a naturist?”

I caught myself a little nervous getting to Flevonatuur, not because I was having any second thoughts of being naked in front of lots of other people but because I was very desperate that this whole exercise would work out for me.

I got to the reception and said, “I’d like to spend the night.”

The beacutiful receptionist said, “The is a naturist resort! Are you a naturist?”

“Well, yes, of course!”

I couldn’t wait to get undressed! I got to my room, left the door open, took off my shoes and undressed, butt naked. It was a feeling of liberation, a confidence gaining exercise.

I walked naked to the swimming pool. People were naked everywhere. Men, women and children. Beautiful people taking a shower, naked, just a couple of feet in front of me before jumping into the swimming pool. My self confidence hit roof top. I swam naked for a while in the midst of other beautiful naked people. I jumped in and out of the Sauna several times. Each time, I shared the Sauna with at least fifteen other people, beautiful naked people all around me.

Then I hit the bar. There were a couple of other naked people there. One of them asked me if I knew what time the tennis match was going to start. I drank beer naked by the pool. One of the best moments of my life.

The most confidence lifting exercise for me was being totally naked in front of people wearing clothes. Towards the evening, it got down to about sixteen degrees and people started covering up for some reason. I walked to the bar butt naked and sat on the stool. I could sense the respect coming from the others seated around the bar.

Later, I went for a walk around the forest. Everytime I came across other people, naked or clothed, we exchanged dreetings. It was the most liberating experience of my life, especially if the other person/people were wearing clothes. I noticed that both men, and women were looking at, in fact, taking a moment to have a good looks at parts of my body that would otherwise most certainly be covered. My confidence just grew.

People here seem to know each other and are extremely welcoming.

I’m certainly going to go to a nude beach nearby this week. To continue to experience.

I’ll write more in detail about this experience in the weeks to come.

Naturism is all about mutual respect and has nothing to do with sex.

On my return, I caught the bus number 160 to Almere and another one to Amsterdam. I’ll write a detailed post about getting to Flevonatuur and back to Amsterdam soon.


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